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Efficient Business Solutions.

Since 1997.  Transactions. Litigation. Due Diligence.

Commercial Law

Our knowledge of the laws regulating commerce helps us advise our clients so that they may negotiate and close transactions efficiently. Whether your business transactions involve leases, retail sales, accounts receivable sales ("factoring") or wholesale & distribution, our knowledge of state and federal commercial law, and international trade regulations can help your company avoid many pitfalls and ensure your agreements reflect the level of risk that was intended and acceptable.

Secured Transactions
If you are financing inventory, personalty or accounts receivable, or are in the equipment leasing business, our services can save you time and help reduce your business risk by properly securing your loans. We structure commercial transactions, draft security agreements and loan documents, perform U.C.C. searches and advise clients on the order of priority for assets you may be considering for collateralization.  In commercial contracts, attention to detail is what frequently distinguishes a problem from a solution.

Real Property and Personal Property

From single family homes to commercial buildings, we have helped clients with purchases, sales, financing and litigating disputes involving their real property.  We also have experience with transactions involving aircraft, pleasure and commercial vessels, motor vehicles, business assets, precious stones and precious metals.  We help protect what you value and the stock and trade of your business.

Negotiable Instruments and Banking
The laws that are applicable to promissory notes, commercial paper, negotiable instruments and loan documentation can be complex and confusing: our experience with these financing and payment related documents and instruments has helped protect and prepare lenders and borrowers so that their risks and obligations were better managed.

Corporate Law

Regardless of business entity type, we provide experienced legal advice about business structures, from pre-formation structure analysis, corporate governance, operating agreements, buy-out agreements, private mergers & acquisitions and dispute resolution.  When your business interests are at risk, we also help enforce your rights through arbitration and litigation in state and federal courts and foreign jurisdictions. We are Outside Counsel for various businesses and also represent individual officers and shareholders.

Intellectual Property

We provide legal guidance to businesses that possess valuable intellectual property (IP) assets. The overarching objective of our IP services is to facilitate the development of our clients' IP and protect their competitive advantage. We accomplish this, in part, by maintaining open and updated communication with our clients and analyzing the most effective approach to achieving those goals. By employing calculated IP asset management strategies, our firm is able to assist clients in managing their intellectual property.

​​Global Trade & Cross Border Transactions

We advise and consult businesses in the United States and overseas regarding various aspects of transnational business matters, including trade regulations, offshore business structures, USA joint ventures with foreigner participation, import and export documentation, letters of credit and cross-border real estate and business transactions. Our understanding of the practical needs of multinational businesses helps us in our efforts to streamline and protect your international business undertakings. We have retained and supervised dependable offshore counsel to assist us in representing client interests in Europe, South America and Africa and ensure that your strategy is implemented and structured so as to help reduce the inherent risks involved.

Due Diligence. Risk Management.

We help you know who you plan to do business with and get information about the business before you invest.  Knowing the risks before making any decisions helps to avoid lost time and lost money.  Our due diligence also assist clients with regulatory and institutional compliance so that your business operations are not delayed.